Apples (cooked/preserved)
Preserving apples by boiling and freezing.

Apple (dried)
How to preserve apples by slicing and drying.

Apple (fresh)
Apples come from a small tree. They are a good source of vitamin C.

Bananas come from a herb, not a tree. The bananas curve up, not down, when on the tree.

Barley (processed)
Barley is an important cereal that grows in cool, moist areas.

This is a flower head that can be eaten.

Brussels sprouts
These grow up the stems of the plant. Brussels sprouts are named for the city in Belgium.

This plant grows in cool, moist areas and lasts a long time without being specially preserved.

This is the root of a plant. It can be left in the ground until needed, so it has been used down the ages.

This is a flower head similar to broccoli. The leaves as well as the flower head can be eaten.

This is a compact plant grown for the stems below its leaves.

Cereal (bran flakes)
Cereal is the processed seeds of plants like wheat and barley.

Cheese, blue vein
This is a cheese with blue patches in it caused by using copper wires during cheese-making.

Cheese, Brie
This is a soft cheese that has its origins in France.

Cheese, cottage
This is cheese that has been left with some whey in.

Cheese, Edam
This is a medium hard, very flexible cheese that was first made in Holland.

Cheese, Emmental/Jarlsberg
These are cheeses where bubbles have been allowed to form inside.

Cheese, feta
A soft salty cheese made in Greece and kept in brine.

Cheese making
Cheese making is a way of preserving milk. The milk is processed to remove the runny whey.

Cheese, Parmesan
A very hard cheese used to flavour food.

Cheese, processed
Cheese that has been made with substances designed to make it more flexible when cut into sheets.

Cheese, Red Leicester
A cheese similar to cheddar with extra colouring.

Cheese, Stilton
A strongly-flavoured British cheese with blue areas where bacteria have grown.

Chili pepper
These peppers are known for being a hot spice added to foods like chili con carne (Mexican).

This is the processed part of the seeds that come from a tropical tree seedpod in America.

Corn (maize) and steak
The cob from the maize plant.

This is the fruit of a vine and is related to pumpkins.

Dairy products
Dairy products are all of the foods (liquid and solid) made from milk.

Balls of flour, water and fat put into casseroles.

Egg, ostrich and hen
Ostrich eggs are much larger and have a thicker shell than chicken eggs.

Eggy bread
This is a traditional food where egg mixed with milk is fried with slices of bread.

The ground-up seeds of cereal plants like wheat and rice.

Frying - stir fry
A way of cooking with little fuel. The food is chopped up to make it cook faster. It has its origins in Asia.

The word for seeds of cereal plants like wheat.

A vegetable related to the onion.

A fruit of the lemon tree, and noted for its sharp taste.

A leafy plant that makes up a large part of many salads.

Some fungi can be eaten, and most people call these mushrooms. Many people call poisonous fungi toadstools.

A plant that no longer grows in the wild, but whose bulb is used to flavour food.

The large orange fruit of the orange tree. It grows in near-tropical areas.

A circular thin sheet of batter.

A vegetable that is grown for its cream-coloured root.

The fruit of a medium-sized tree that grows in parts of the world that have a mild climate.

Pepper, bell
These are sweet peppers that can be eaten raw or fried. They originally come from Mexico and nearby areas.

An 'all-in-one' traditional food from Italy. Meats and vegetables are built up on a sheet of bread dough.

The tubers of a plant originally from the Andes of S America and now an important food crop.

Potato pancakes
Slices of potato cooked to make 'pancakes'. This recipe was used during rationing in World War 2.

The thick boiled soup make by people the world over since fire was invented.

Pudding, bread
A simple, hearty food made with bread, milk, sugar and butter and baked in an oven.

Pudding, suet
A hearty steamed pudding using beef fat - suet.

The dried seeds of plants like beans and peas.

A large orange fruit related to squashes.

Soup, vegetable
A less heavy kind of pottage, make with any vegetables you have to hand.

Spring onion/scallion/shallot
These are related to bulb onions, but the bulb does not develop as much. They are mild flavoured.

This is a fruit of a vine that originally comes from tropical America.

This is a bulbous root that can be eaten as a vegetable. It is not strongly flavoured.

The fruit of a vine used widely in salads and cooking.

Vegetables, green
Any leafy vegetable that is grown so the leaves can be eaten. It is rich in iron and vitamin C.