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Rivers, meandering, floods and floodplains Shows how floodplains are formed and their impact on where people live and how they use the land
Supports: Geography: river, environment; Playing time: 6 min

Craters of the Moon Shows the Moon at the terminator with craters and explains how knowledge about them has improved over the centuries. Supports: textbook science: space Playing time: 4 min

Measuring acids and alkalis How to measure acids and alkalis. Supports: science: dissolving Playing time: 5 min

A potato battery How to make a battery using a potato Supports: textbook Science: electricity Playing time: 6 min

Measuring time with sand Various sand timers and their accuracy. Supports: technology: time Playing time: 5 min

What are diapers/nappies made from? Shows how to make truly absorbent materials Supports: science: materials, absorbent + STEAM Playing time: 6 min

Non-slip socks Why adding small blobs of material make all the difference. Supports: textbook Science: materials, friction, elastic + STEAM Playing time: 3 min

The power of disc magnets You can see just how amazingly powerful some disc magnets are. Supports: textbooks Science: springs and magnets Playing time: 4 min

Decorative levers Shows how many things around us contain hidden levers.
Supports: textbooks Science: forces/levers + STEAM Playing time: 3 min

Air pressure: suction cups Shows how air pressure is a very powerful way of holding things in place.
Supports: textbooks Science: forces + STEAM Playing time: 3 min

What does raw wool feel like? Shows some of the properties of wool. Supports: textbooks Science: fibres, waterproofing, insulation + STEAM Playing time: 3 min

Glass for tea This tea service holds many science and technology secrets as well as looking good. Supports: textbooks Science: properties of materials; insulation; brittle + STEAM Playing time: 4 min

Note: the museum also has many videos of artefacts, so check them out by clicking HERE!"
Static electricity Properties of static electricity. Supports: Science: electricity Playing time: 3 min

Can there be a use for expanded foam? Looks at when plastic foam can be useful and when it should not be used. Supports: textbooks Science: materials; recycling; conservation Playing time: 2 min

Wigwams How Native Americans once lived. Supports: history: Native Americans Playing time: 5 min

Flax/linseed oil/linen One of the world's most important plants through history. Supports: Science: materials, fibres, food Playing time: 3 min

How iris plants help us How iris plants can reduce pollution and loss of soil. Supports: textbook Science: plants, environment, conservation, save the planet Playing time: 2 min

Help weeds become meadows How to make a meadow in a tiny garden. Supports: textbook Science: plants, environment, conservation, save the planet Playing time: 2 min