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(*) Recent school head comment "Curriculum Visions has been a god send during Lockdown. Top quality resources and reading materials. Thank you." Also from another head: "There is lots available through CV that would be useful for Nursery."
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(1) Under maths you will now find a new word problem each weekday (with rollover at weekends). A subset of these will be used on the main home screen as well, but if you want a word problem to start the day, there will always be one on the maths topics screen.

(2) Plan to use our academy teaching as a kind of Easter School in Geography, History, Religion and Science with the Academy LESSONS. Includes teacher-led video with worksheets and answers. For class, catch up, teachers covering colleagues + out of school illnesses/COVID. Science is in progress. Click here or the academy button on the home screen. Gives lesson plans, lessons and answers....

(3) There is a NEW curious question EVERY other day, with ENGLISH grammar/spelling on alternate days. There is also an ENGLISH puzzle and a video with English/Subject worksheet at the top left of the home screen to start the day.

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