(1) The server upgrade and migration is complete. We now have the capacity to serve as many books as you want to as many students as you want, all the time, for as long as you want and at very very low cost. Enjoy.

(2) We are going through the search entries, adding videos and pictures of the videos, too. If you know of any search terms that are missing, just let us know. We are adding them alphabetically, so try a term with A-C to see what difference it makes. There are 22000 files to update with pictures, so it will take a little while, but we will get there.

(3) In most subjects areas there is a LESSONS feature which provides real teacher-led videos of a topic within a subject, taking students through our text books one page at a time. This is for class use, catch up, work for those needing assistance as well as normal out of school illnesses/COVID. It is also useful if teachers need to switch roles and want a quick brush-up on the subject they find themselves teaching.

(3). There are thousands of English and subject worksheets. Simply choose what you want, and download to your local disk, modify to remove answers if you wish, then distribute it to students. Students cannot access this material directly.

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