(1) We are commissioning a new, more powerful server. It will come on stream at half term. It will have 20 times more storage and 20 time more processing power than it had in March when demand first surged. Your access may be restricted for a while, which is why we are doing the change in half term. Please be aware of this.

(2) Our homework exchange facility enables you to send work to students and receive it, all without leaving the site. Try it out before you need it.

In most subjects areas there is a LESSONS feature which provides real teacher-led videos of a topic within a subject. This is for normal out of school illnesses/COVID and also useful if teachers need to switch roles and want a quick brush-up on the subject they find themselves teaching.

(3). There are about 2000 English and subject worksheets. Simply choose what you want, and download to your local disk, modify to remove answers if you wish, then distribute it to students. Students cannot access this material directly.

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