Christian Baptism candle
A ceremonial candle held by godparents during Baptism.

Christian Christening robes
A special dress worn by children for their Christening ceremony.

Christian cross, palm
An important Christian symbol at Easter.

Christian cross, St. Damiens and Orthodox
St. Damiens cross and a Russian Orthodox cross.

Christian icon
Small icons used by Catholics for prayer.

Christian rosary beads
Used by Catholics during prayer.

Hindu face mask
Wooden face masks depicting Hindu gods and goddesses.

Hindu Rama puppet
Puppets depicting the Hindu deities Rama and Sita.

Hindu sari
Traditional Hindu dress.

Jewish Kiddush cup
Cup used when reciting kiddush on Jewish holidays.

Jewish Kippah
A cap used by Jews to cover their heads when praying, at the Synagogue, or during religious festivals.

Jewish Seder plate
A plate used to hold various symbolic foods at the Jewish Passover feast.

Jewish yad
Chrome yad used to follow the words of the Torah without touching the pages with your hands.

Muslim Eid cards
Greeting cards sent at Eid.

Muslim head scarf
Head scarves are often worn by Muslim women.

Muslim prayer mat
A prayer mat, and a compass, which is used to make sure prayers are performed facing Mecca.

Muslim Qur'an stand
A wooden stand used to hold the Muslim holy book, the Qu'ran.

Muslim Tagiyah
This cap is used by Muslims during prayer.