Absorbent material
A material that soaks up water, like this kitchen towel.

A lightweight grey metal.

A combination (alloy) of copper and zinc metals. It does not tarnish easily.

This is an alloy of copper and tin mainly. It has a low melting point, and was one of the first metals ever to be used (hence the 'Bronze Age').

Thick layers of paper used for packaging.

A general word for baked clay.

Ceramic, south-west Native American style
These ceramic pots have a distinctive design that comes from areas close to Arizona.

A material that goes back to its original shape once it has been pushed or pulled.

A mineral found in chalk and used by Stone Age people to make axes.

Glass, recycled
Glass can be recycled by heating it.

Gold is a precious metal used for decoration.

Iron, cast
Cast iron is made by pouring molten iron into a mould. It takes up the shape of the mould into which it has been cast.

Oil, crude
A dark brown, smelly liquid found naturally in the ground.

A material that can be shaped and/or a material made using mostly carbon.

Plastic, recycled
Many plastics that cannot be melted down for reuse can be made into creative objects.

Silver, tarnished
Silver quickly changes in air and needs cleaning quite often. The discolouration is called tarnishing.

Starch is a white liquid that can come from cereals and potatoes. It will solidify into a form of plastic.