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What's new in videos?

We add videos every week. Usually they are placed in the relevant search term as well as in subject galleries. Here is a selection of newly-added videos linked to search terms.

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Check this out for items you may have missed.

English SATs tests

We have hundreds and hundreds of SATs at two levels. They can be used with other subjects, such as history, too! Click here to see Year 6 English SATs as an example.

Teaching SEN EFL?

As well as our comprehensive English course of 1 book for everything you need all year, we also have books for those coming to English from overseas or those with SEN. Check them out...

Safe student search

Our search engine is completely safe, and has no external links. Look up subjects and words from adjective to pronoun to volcano. It is good for biographies, too – an excellent basis for comprehensions. All have teacher sheets.

Early years

English spelling runs from years 1 to 6, and the Science course is also for years 1-6. There is also an early years library, which you can check out by clicking here..

World religions

All major world religions are covered by textbooks. They are supported by numerous reading books, videos, powerpoints, teachers lesson plans, photocopiable and more.

Complete science

The main science course follows a spiral curriculum from years 1-6. It is supported by numerous reading books, videos, powerpoints, teachers lesson plans, photocopiable and more.

Unlimited home use

We celebrate use of our platform at home by students and parents. All student passwords can be used at home as well as in school. If your school does not have special student passwords yet, just ask.

Lesson plans, instant teacher toolkits, timelines, display materials

Thousands of lesson plans, display materials, photocopiable worksheets and more. Click here for a history example.

Colour-banded libraries

A 900 book library underpins the platform. All books are colour-banded to help you make choices of the appropriateness of each book. Many history textbooks are available at two reading levels, and english and science are levelled from years 1 to 6. This example is grey-banded books.

i-topics (interactive)

Whiteboard, classroom assistant or self-learning interactive topics are available for most subjects. The main text is read out and can be used for helping with reading proficiency. I-topics are structured as textbooks and contain videos. This example is from geography.