Native American woodland living
A hugely interesting history and cultural video with many uses. Note: this kind of video can be used in many situations. Makes a list of 10 things you can use it for, for example, 1 materials, 2 forces (bending saplings to make a frame), 3 grinding corn, 4 What native peoples ate in past centuries 5... the list is endless. Movies are very versatile over wide age ranges. Have 5 or more questions prepared so that videos are not passive watching. Playing time: 5 min

Sand timers
Shows sand timer and discusses accuracy of such devices.
Supports: Technology: time Playing time: 6 min

Rivers, meandering, floods and floodplains
Shows how floodplains are formed and their impact on where people live and how they use the land
Supports: Geography: river, environment; Playing time: 6 min

Potato battery
Making a potato act as a battery. Supports: textbook science: electricity Playing time: 5 min

Craters of the Moon
Shows the Moon at the terminator with craters and explains how knowledge about them has improved over the centuries. Supports: textbook science: space Playing time: 4 min

Acids, alkalis and pH
Shows how to measure acids using a pH meter. Supports: textbooks Science: dissolving Playing time: 6 min

The real story of Domesday
How and why the Domesday Book came to be written. Supports: textbook History: 1066; Medieval Britain Playing time: 6 min

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