Play video full screen. If you have a printed edition of the book, have that open, too.

Academy Xpress: FAST expert teaching

Academy Xpress is for teachers, parents and students working to cover a course to the highest standards in or out of class as a catchup or fast review.
• You may be a teacher who needs to brush up on a new topic
• You may be a parent who has to help at home
• You may be a student who has been off school and missed out, or simply needs to go over an area again to understand it better
English is embedded into each subject course.

Simple steps to success

If you have missed out, you need to catch up - FAST.
What you really need is a firm foundation, with all of the key ideas in place. No froth, just important basics set out clearly.
That is exactly what Academy Xpress does in its books, videos and downloadables. First, please understand, we work WITH your teacher, allowing you to learn the basics on occasions when it would be impossible for your teacher to find time to teach them. We do not replace your teacher. The work you do will be given to your teacher so they stay at the heart of your learning. Through our experts, we simply give you expert catchup learning - FAST, so you don't have to worry if you have missed out for some reason, or feel you need to go over the work again.
1. An expert teacher on video will go through the basics of a whole book so you will get the basics of the full subject in under an hour.
2. You will then be invited to download a worksheet. To answer the worksheet you will then need to read the book in more detail.
3. You will be invited to return the worksheet to your teacher, so your teacher can Xpress guide you about points you may not have understood. You work with your teacher at the core of what you do in refining your knowledge.
4. There is then often an extra topic to explore to see if you have learned your course.
5. Finally, you should play our expert teacher video again. This time you should know what is about to be said before the teacher even says it! Repeat the video until you can. Job done.
The structure of the academy is this:
Our online courses are based on books. Why? We believe that online screens and videos alone are NOT sufficient to allow you to get a rounded view of each course. The book has all of the information you need on double-page spreads, so you can see everything in context at a glance – text and pictures. You know where the course starts and where it finishes. All of our core books are best-sellers.

1. English:

The Complete English textbooks already have lessons built in, covering the entire English curriculum. So all you have to do is to open a page. All questions have answers in the teacher section of the website. Remember, these lessons also contain curriculum content for other subjects, so you can include English all of the time you are teaching information subjects.

2. Maths:

Maths is a rules subject, not an information subject, so we set out the rules in our basic books, but the core of this academy is practise using the rules (adding, subtraction etc), so the books have many question sheets (each starting with an example) and our challenge section is designed to give a never-ending supply of self-testing questions based on a kind of 'round the world in 80 days' theme. The questions will change weekly in term time. Note the numbers for the challenge refer to the variety of rules being tested, so if you haven't done fractions, students will not be able to do section 4 etc.

3. Information subjects: History, Geography, Science, Religion:

1. Each of our core curriculum books is already a high quality course. We will take you through it, teacher guided all the way. If you have been issued with a printed book, or want to buy one, use that as well as the online book.
2. You will be asked to go back over the pages our teacher has previewed, and then complete a worksheet and hand or send it to your teacher for assessment.
3. Each part of the course will be a single lesson. The lessons will be labelled as you see them on the right.
4. When you have completed the lessons and worksheets you will have done more than enough to achieve a standard of excellence in the curriculum.

All instructions are on the downloadable sheets.

Further help: We have been working with Unity Schools Partnership and their Research School to give the best support available. If your school needs additional structured support with Science, Geography or History do consider getting in touch with them. Their primary courses use our books as the literature spine to complement their work, so all the support will be integrated. If you'd like more information please visit by clicking here:


COMPLETE taught courses with integrated worksheets and answers give you the basics you need to catch up FAST.

• You are welcome to view the introduction video of each academy lesson for free.

• To access worksheets, book and other videos – you need membership and a password.

The structure of the course is several lesson units
containing video introductions and worksheets,
followed by teacher answers, making a
complete self-contained course.