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Our mission: "unlimited access to give a level learning field for all. Pure inspiration."


Phone? As we have adopted a dispersed working model, we no longer have a landline phone. We also find we can usually answer queries more efficiently through email.

To contact us please use e-mail. Click one of these buttons.


Here is one place where prices are NOT going up. We are holding our website membership prices steady despite inflation, making it easier for you to fit our robust learning platform into your budget.

Note: At the moment this material is for schools only and not private individuals.

Curriculum Visions is a trading mark of Atlantic Europe Publishing Co Ltd
•If you are a finance officer, check Atlantic Europe Publishing (not Curriculum Visions) on your school finance package.

Report bugs. If there weren't strange bugs here and there in a website of 950,000+ files, it wouldn't be called software. It would be called Make Believe. So if you do notice any bugs, please let us know at customerSupport@curriculumvisions.com and we'll have a fix for you as fast as we possibly can.

Privacy policy. Our single cookie holds your passwords locally on your computer for your convenience. It does not send any information to us. When your school logs on, the school logon is compared to our database for the sole purpose of refusing entry to those who are unauthorised. As passwords are shared across a school, we do not, and cannot identify or collect information on any individual's use of the site. Our site does not connect to, nor share, information with any other site on the web, for example, we have no links to YouTube. That is why we know we have a safe search. Our data protection policy notice is here.

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•• Watch the tour video to see how it works. Click HERE ••

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