Books and our Creative Topics library

1. Text books

• We publish most curriculum topics as text books

• They are all available online as well as part of your subscription

Using books online is one of the best ways of making your budget go further. No other website offers you this opportunity.

• All of the lesson bundles make access to them

• Note that they are proper page turning books, not basic pdf files as given by some other publishers. On mobile devices they also page turn by swiping.

• Can be used on all devices whether they are flash enabled or not.

2. Creative topics library

• These i-topics are completely unique to us and (unlike powerpoint presentations) can be used to provide material for an entire course

• Use them on student mobile devices, laptops or whiteboards

• Material is presented as chapters

• Appropriate videos are linked to each page

• All pages are read out, so speakers or headphones are required. Mouseover or click on the text to have it read out. Mouse off or tap away and the read pauses. They are also ideal for guided reading in a subject context.

• All pages have a question and are self-answering

• Pictures can be enlarged, and often begin a series of screens that add detail to the core message

• Ideal for students to use individually and at home

• This is a flagship product that experienced teachers rave about

Where to find the resources

Go to any subject portal (click the subject name above, then choose the topic].

Powerpoint presentations are on the top of first page of the Teacher's Resources. They are intended to be downloadable.

Interactive i-topics are on the top of the main student page asa well as the teacher pages. They are intended to be used on screen.

How to get the resources