These are the buttons for going to teacher resources.
This is the timeline for history topics. It will enlarge and open as a pdf.
Above right is the search button. You can get to this 'toolkit' screen from the search, too. Most useful when students have a specific word in mind.
This is the main text book. It opens in a new tab or window. To close the book, close the tab or window. You can swipe to turn pages and also pull corners. On the top right there is a button for searching within the book. You can also zoom in on a page and drag the page to where you want it. Some books have videos embedded.

If there is a second book below with a similar title it is also a textbook but with a 2 year reading level lower than the main book.
These creative topics books cover specific topics and are subsidiary to the main book. Use them as further reading or when more detail is needed for project work. These are just suggestions. You will find even more books by using the search button.

The books are colour banded using a system of reading ability levels as is standard across British publishers and widely used in schools. If there are coloured dots, they also guide you as to how hard the subject matter is: the more dots the harder it is.
This is the interactive topic. It is another version of the book, but with less text and more interactive features. Suited to whiteboards as well as individual use. It is divided into chapters. Each page can be read out and stopped by mouseover or tap. There is a question with interactive answer. Each page has a picture. Click the picture to enlarge it and sometimes start a picture loop with more detail. There is often a video. Especially helps those with reading challenges.
This is the video gallery. It contains all of the videos in the i-topic and more. You can use this if you wish to manage videos rather than have them as part of the i-topic.
This is the picture gallery. It contains a wide variety of pictures to use in projects within your school. Copyright restrictions apply. The material cannot be used in other websites.