WWII begins 1939

Fire of London begins, 1666

Week 36 video:      Seeing from the sky

Edison: world's first power station, 1882

Dalton states the idea of atoms, 1803

Romans destroy the Temple in Jerusalem, 70

Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning monarch, 2015

Week37 video: Snowdon

Henry Hudson discovers Manhattan, 1609

Battle of Marathon, 490BC

Liverpool to Manchester passenger line, 1830

Pilgrims set sail in Mayflower, 1620

Week 38 video: Wind turbine

Old Faithful geyser seen and named, 1870

Blackpool illuminations, 1879

Magellan sets sail, 1519

Battle of Salamis, 480BC

Lewis and Clark return, 1806

Week 39 video: Blood pressure

Viking invasion defeated, 1066

Einstein discovers E=mc2, 1905

Hoover dam, 1935

Normans invade England, 1066

Worlds first electric tram, 1885