Week 44 video: Halloween Fireworks

Henry VII crowned: Tudors begin, 1485


All Saints Day

All Souls Day

First Emigrant wagon reaches California, 1841

Week 45 video:     Remembrance

Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot (on the 5th)


Spanish Cortes meets Aztecs, 1519

Pilgrims on Mayflower sight land, 1620

Veterans Day (US) Holiday

End of WW1 Remembrance

Week46 video:     Make butter

World kindness day

Young Reader's Day

Fall of the Inca Empire, 1533

Lewis and Clark reach Pacific, 1805

Antarctic discovered, 1820

Week 47 video: Thanksgiving

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (19th)

First day of winter

President Kennedy assassinated, 1963

Thanksgiving Holiday (US)

Black Friday sales

Week 48 video: Age of Discovery

  Magellan reaches Pacific, 1521

King Tuts tomb opened, 1922

St Andrew's Day