Week 48 video: Age of Discovery

King Tuts tomb opened, 1922

St Andrew's Day

Rosa Parks, Alabama, 1955

Week 49 video:     Victorian icicles

Great Smog, London 1952

Attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan begins war on USA, 1941

Week50 video:     Spots for Christmas

Marconi sends message across the Atlantic, 1901

Sir Francis Drake's world voyage, 1577

Hannukah 12-20th

Week 51 video: Colonial decorations

Wright Brothers first flight, 1903 (17th)

First American settlement, Jamestown, 1606

Pilgrims reach Plymouth Rock, 1620

Muhammad's 1st revelation, 609

Week 52 video: Christmas story

Christmas Day

  Boxing Day

Charles Darwin's Beagle voyage, 1831

Tay Bridge disaster, 1879

Becket slain in Canterbury Cathedral, 1170