Audio-visual support

1. Videos

• We produce videos using our professional videographers so that you can get high quality videos specifically targeted to reinforce your lessons

• Relevant videos are included in lesson bundles, as well as in the student search. Each topic also has a specific video gallery. Introductory videos are a great way to begin a new topic

• Videos range from 2-15 minutes long, to suit your needs. Can be used on all devices whether they are flash enabled or not

2. Audio explorations

• Step back in time or explore the wildest parts of the earth with these incredible audio adventures. With 60 audio tracks per topic, you can eavesdrop on everything from gladiators in a Roman arena, to parrots in a rainforest!

• A fantastic way to get students immersed in a subject. With facts, cross-curricular questions and teacher's sheets provided. A perfect tool for hotseating and SEN students

• A unique, flagship resource that experienced teachers love to use

3. Clipart

• We do a wide range of clipart which students can use as visual material for making up their projects and other work

• We also produce banners, word mats and posters for you to print


Where to find the resources

Go to any subject portal (click the subject name above, then choose the topic)

A clipart gallery is on the first page of the portal. Individual poster, banner and other materials are towards the end of the Teacher's Resources area. The gallery clipart is copiable. The individual clipart panels are intended to be downloadable

How to get the resources